Books from CP

With Eyes Wide Open
iPhone Photography by Elizabeth Harper Neeld.

A Sacred Primer
A source of balance, guidance, calm, and joy.

Seven Choices: A Pocket Guide
Anyone who has experienced death, divorce, job or financial reversal, or any traumatic loss will want to keep this pocket guide handy.

Terrain of Active Grieving Post CardTerrain of the Active Grieving Process Card
A 6 x 9 postcard outlining the seven choices of active grieving. An invaluable hand-out.

From The Plow To The Pulpit
by Tommie F. Harper
The Georgia Historical Society acclaimed this story of life in the rural South a “must read.”

Sister Bernadette: Cowboy Nun from Texas
by Mary Bernadette Muller, et. al.
How a cultured religious woman comes to wear cowboy boots and raise horses.