Seven Choices: A Pocket Guide, 30th Anniversary Edition

A carry-everywhere support guide to Seven Choices, summarizing the actions we can take and the positive choices we can make to reach equilibrium after an experience of change and loss.

Seven Choices offers hope, comfort, and advice to those experiencing change and loss– from the death of a loved one, the end of a marriage, or any life-altering change. In this pocket guide, Dr. Elizabeth Harper Neeld maps the complete grief, mourning, and change process, showing the reader how to identify and make the positive choices that allow movement through – and beyond – grief and loss.

Dr. Neeld summarizes her own personal story of life after the sudden death of her young husband. Interviews with others who have experienced change and loss are included. Each section of the pocket reference guide contains specific positive actions to take and choices to make that support an individual in moving through the process the preach the point where change is integrated into the fabric of one’s life.

Anyone who has experienced death, divorce, job or financial reversal, or any traumatic loss will want to keep this pocket guide handy.

60 pages (March 2018) Centerpoint Press; ISBN: 978-0937897218 $4.95 8