Reviews | Sister Bernadette: Cowboy Nun from Texas by Mary Bernadette Muller and Elizabeth Harper Neeld

“This woman is something else!”
–Dan Rather, introducing Sister Bernadette segment on Dan Rather News Hour

“Her knowledge of miniature horses, her skill at operating a successful horse breeding and training ranch, her prowess as a business woman…and her commitment as a woman of God with values of prayer, sacrifice, humility, and poverty…no wonder she is known around the world.”
–Sister Kathleen Francis Honc, O. S. F.

“Stories about Sister Bernadette: Cowboy Nun from Texas have appeared around the world: The London Times, Le Figaro, Stern. She has also been featured in People, National Geographic, and Southern Living. This book can only enlarge the audience of people who laugh with and are inspired by this unusual nun.”
–Jerele D. Neeld, Former Media Liason, Monastery of St. Clare

Quality Paperback. ISBN: 0-937897-98-1 Dimensions in inches: 0.65 x 9.0 x 6.0 61 b/w photographs. 242 pages.

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