Reviews | From the Plow to the Pulpit: A Spiritual Autobiography by Tommie F. Harper

This book is absolutely wonderful. I read it with gusto. What an impact.
–Harry Mathews, Author of The Sinking of the Odradek Stadium and other novels

What a man! The book has such flavor. It combines several elements including a kind of folklore quality. I will be sharing it with all the folks around me.
–William Stafford, Winner National Book Award for Poetry

Even a heathen ought to read this! It is head and shoulders above the memoirs and diaries I receive here at Southern Illinois. And it is so professionally done. All the work is already done for a new publisher.
–Kinny Withers, Director Southern Illinois University Press

The story unfolds in a powerful, straightforward—even simple, from its economy of words—manner. It is a chronicle related powerfully without self-indulgence….The power of the words, as hard as the soil itself during a hot July, provide the vividness.
–Thomas Gay, Director of Acquisitions , Worth Publishing

This is a beautiful, beautiful book. It has emotional integrity. It has intellectual integrity. It will appeal to a very broad market….
–Robert Baensch, Vice President of Marketing, Macmillan Publishing

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